10 NOVEMBER: IOPT working day with Vivian Broughton (in-person!)

IOPT working day with Vivian Broughton (in-person!)

We want to invite you for a unique opportunity to meet and work with Vivian Broughton here, live in Utrecht.

This very special events takes place at the 10th of November in our own space “Your Space Concordia”, Concordiastraat 68 in Utrecht.

We will start at 9.30 hours and from 9.00 onwards the doors are open and coffee is hot.

After a long time of not being able to meet and travel to Europe, Vivian has found new energy and health to make another short trip to Utrecht and to Goch (D) later that week, again.

This day is an open workspace for IOPT-practitioners, led by Vivian.

The contribution we ask for this day is 130 euros.

This ticket includes coffee, tea and fruits. Please bring your own lunch, exactly as you like it.

This day will be connected to the book launch of the Dutch translation of Vivian’s latest book “Trauma en Identiteit” (“Trauma and Identity”), issued by Uitgeverij Mens! (2022).

For your information:

These days the translation of Vivian’s latest book is being finished; it is expected soon:

Trauma en identiteit

We are looking forward to meeting you again

Warm regards,

Rens Meijkamp and Mariska van Veenen

10 november @ 09:30
09:30 — 17:30 (8h)

3551EM Utrecht, Your Space Concordia

Vivian Broughton